Tuesday, February 5, 2008

we're on a rickshaw to nowhere- super tuesday

watching super tuesday updates all day. sat at work and killed some time on the internet reading about the republicans vs. democrats.

it freaks me out that huckabee has won some states. here is a man who believes that jesus rode dinosaurs. i am a firm advocate of separation of church and state. that could be due to my profession, but the settlers migrated from england to escape the church and the monarchy. why the heck are we reverting back?! there are people who believe the earth was created in 7 days. yup. one week. they won't acknowledge the fossil that exists. that was placed by satan.

when i was little, my grandparents immigrated here from vietnam. i was in 3rd grade. i remember going to a church with them. both my grandparents are devout buddhists, but they appreciate all religions. buddhism is like a sponge. it allows you to soak up other aspects and appreciate other aspects of other faiths. my grandparents wanted to go to church. it was a beautiful structure, high ceilings. pretty windows. i remember my grandparents being stopped in the hall before the auditorium where people were starting to sit. they were in conversation with some people. i was nearby trying to peer into the auditorium. was there going to be a concert? i was confused. a moment later, my grandfather took my hand and told me we were going home. why i asked? he didn't answer me. my grandmother looked a bit flustered. why i repeated. when we got to the car outside, my grandfather told me very simply, they didnt want us at their church.

i wasnt sad. i wasnt angry. i was confused. growing up, i would try to fit in, but events like the above reminded me that i was not ever going to fit in.

knowing that huckabee is even a candidate for the primary scares me, i wanna take the last rickshaw out of dodge. anybody wanna join me? takers?

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