Tuesday, March 10, 2009

boys are the new girls

perhaps i have kept one slanty eye blind to this phenomenon, but when did all the boys in this dirty city become girls?! seriously. i am not suggesting we girls all become damsels in distress and leave the men to bring home the bacon so we can cook it. not at all. i just didn't realize that the metrosexual dude would evolve into a girly boy. i am all for the emo boy. but this goes beyond emo. these are boys who wear tight sweaters in the colours of oatmeal, pumpkin and seafoam. these are the boys who take more time doing the hair than my girls. these are the boys who cry when you tell them, "we need to talk." these are the boys who spend a mint on facial products. these are the boys who need you to tell them that their tight jeans are not too tight and make their butts look good. honestly, it is like hanging out with eighth grade girls!

these needy boys may have been here in philly all along, but recently they have moved from their under dwelling to the surface. i am an independent gal, but there is something to be said to have a guy who is a guy's guy. i like being the girl in the relationship.

this is not some angry asian girl rant, just pure observation.

or perhaps i am just jealous of these girly men's skin care regiment. do they know how to exfoliate or what?! insane.