Wednesday, December 10, 2008

petri dish

philly is a big petri dish where germs cultivate. ok, actually being in court. shaking hands. people coughing. germs just stay in the air and here i am breathing in the germies.

just when i think i kicked the philly phlu, i am once again attacked with the flu. :( my slanty eyes are glassy and i have the voice of some old lady smoker. not cool.

so here i am sick and not using any sick days because my schedule is so insane.

yes, i am having a pity party. everyone rsvp now.

so a few weeks ago, i got the new google phone. i was one of the few people who does not give into the iphone hype. anyhow, the tmobile rep did not correctly save my contacts on my sim chip from my sidekick so i lost all 150 contacts. granted, i prolly only kept in touch with about 15 of those people, but it is the principle people! so for the past few weeks, i will get texts from people since my digits haven't changed and i have no clue who they are! then i have to write back heya, do i know you? i had 2 lunch invites and i actually text back, hey i love lunch, but do i know you? more importantly, do i like you? one person replied with witty cantor, the other left me to the crickets. oh well.

the interesting thing about texting is it is even more impersonal than emailing, but above beeper mode. the funny thing about texting is it allows people to carry on a monologue. for instance, i get texts from someone who i never reply to. i mean nada. i have series of texts from him carrying a conversation with basically himself! it is amusing because it will start off, hey, what is going on, let's hang. from there it goes to odd tangents to finally, hey pearl, i'm mad at you, we are in a fight. plateauing to oh i can't stand mad at you, let's hang. a vicious circle led by one. it is like i am reading a script. i am in the wings.

btw, i tried to put felt antlers on my cat. he scratched the hell out of me. can't say i blame him.

ok, i need to go make some tea and eat some scones and find my slippers.

send soup people. magazines. ds games. and lots of sympathy to dear little pearly. weep weep.