Monday, August 18, 2008

long lost pearly

sorry bloggers and my apologies to the bloggerverse. work has been insane. i mean mind spinning like a top insane.

anyhow, i'm back. cuter than ever.

ok, so why haven't i blogged about the dark knight yet? ok, no spoilers here since i do want peeps to see this flick. if you are up to speed then you know that i am a batman girl. read my blog post about superman v. batman. anyhow, i saw dark knight on imax. one must! i mean the film was shot for imax.

before going to see any major movie, i never read reviews, i never watch previews, etc. i go in to just see it. i hate going in tainted.

let's just say heath ledger's performance as the joker was superb. he made nicholson's performance look like a joke. if you are in the know, then you know that the joker is not a funny comical character in fact, quite the opposite. the joker is one the darkest characters in the world of dc comics. before going to see dark knight, i reread killing joke, by alan moore. here, you see how the joker started, a sad, tormented husband, and what happens to people who are put in bad choices and situations. so, back to the joker in the dark knight. i went in and did not know what to expect. heath ledger? i mean did we all see a knight's tale? come on. boy, was i surprised. his performance was brilliant. his story on how he got that "grin" and his timing. for this to be his last performance speaks bounds on his acting ability.

ok, christian bale. the batman voice of his is seriously getting on my nerves. like his alter ego is some messed up sex operator talk.

so for me, i suggest seeing the dark knight. go see it on imax. so will the next flick be the dark knight returns by frank miller???? omg. how much would that rule? i totally need to see old batman kick superman's ass.

i also saw wanted, another comic book turned into a hollywood flick. that review is for another day. :)

so i am back. send me some love people!


funny side note, today some dude in the elevator wearing a fanny pack tried to pick me up. acid wash jean shorts. fanny pack filled with napkins. he was chugging a dr. pepper and managed in between burps to say to me, " you're pretty. real pretty." memo to you boys, fanny packs with a mullet. ironic. fanny packs with dr. pepper and used napkins. gross.