Thursday, February 21, 2008

english is my second language

still a bit sick for those floating around da internet world, blog surfing. i have been rubbing my eyes, lack of sleep. lack of sunlight. (if you've notice, i'm pale pale pale). anyhow, lots of jasmine tea with honey and kumquats seem to be doing their trick. that and just asking everyone around me to baby me. i know it is a low shot, but heck, i am a baby. no, correction. i one of those people that constantly tries to please people, so sometimes, when i just come down with the icks, i just wanna have someone buy me some tea and a scone.


work today was long. i think when one is under the weather, the hands of the clock does not move. this afternoon i was at a deposition. i was doing lead. after it was over, the boys club was asking me questions. apparently, they have never seen a girl know how to tie tie. much less have an opinion about ties. i prefer double windsor knot ties, but they look too bulky and ridiculous on me. girls can rock the ties. i can rock a power skirt suit, so why not a tie? chit chat is inevitable after these things. it is like people don't wanna head back to the office. a stalling technique.

well today, i pulled a pearl.

what does tim do?

he works in advertising. commercials. youtube type stuff. you know virile video. virile.


crickets. crickets.

the old dudes laugh and say, we could use some of those videos!

me with furrowed brow and my slanty eyes pointed upwards.

it's viral, not virile.

you say potato. i say tomato.

i threw the yellow card down. hey, english is my second language!

also, one should not address opposing counsel who are partners as doods. or dude. or tell them they are on crack when they give absurd demands.

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