Monday, February 11, 2008

lonely zombie: my valentine to all

i drew this comic, "lonely zombie" and it depicts a chubby zombie that wears a 1/2 shirt that says hi.  he is lonely because he can't find a mate because when he does go on a date, instead of leaning in for a kiss, my zombie leans in for a BITE....of your brains.

i always thought that zombies would have a difficult time dating. and a chubby zombie would just have a horrid time dating. hell, dating for anyone is hard.

i think you can zoom in on the comic above. i had to scan it into 2 pieces since i had inked it on a big piece of white board.

basically, we all are lonely zombies. allegory of life. we wander the earth, like that kung fu dude. 

my lonely zombie is my valentine to you all. nobody likes to play checkers by themselves. eat those frozen solo dinners all the time. or teeter totter by themselves.

i made lonely zombie dolls. they all have the scar and the potbelly 1/2 shirt as well.

if i could make lonely zombie cookies, i would. i would make them all chubby and have bites taken out of them, courtesy of me.

chomp chomp.


broken wizard said...

this is really f-ing cute.

ericsmithrocks said...

Hmm... yup, you might just be my new favorite Philly blogger.

pearly said...

zombie cookies for all. double chomp.

chim said...

i have a new crush. lonely zombie, be my valentine!!!