Wednesday, February 13, 2008

this aint no law and order sh*t

if you are keepin up with me, you know i work in a field that is pretty much alpha male dominated. so seeing me in my nicely put together skirts and ties (hommage to annie hall) and wing tip heels can throw any opponent off i am sure.

today i had a pre trial conference at city hall. our city hall is amazing. it looks like gotham. especially today with the rain pouring down and the grey clouds above good old ben.

i had to take 2 interns with me. both are tall dudes in navy suits. basically, i looked like i had 2 bodyguards with me walking into the courtroom.

as we sat there in front of the judge in his chambers with opposing counsel and co defendant counsel. my interns mind you were happy to just get out of the office. even despite getting soaked by the rain.

as we sat there, i explained the case, the facts, the legal questions, as the judge called us to order so to speak, opposing counsel, who is a tall gangly dude was seated next to me.

he put his arm on the back of my chair, i moved forward.

then he poked me on my arm to ask me a question. i squinted my slanty eyes and gave him a quizzical look.

he told me he bought his suit at armani and proceeded to show me the label, i quipped, "it looks like it says ARMANIA. like a bad knock off."

he turns sour. calls me a smart ass.

yes, a grown ass man. then he proceeds to show me his cufflinks. all this in front of the judge.

as i sat there in a room surrounded by men, i moved/leaned back into my seat. i feel something. on the chair. under my leg/bottom.

my mind flashes.


the hand that was there, suddenly was gone.

who does that? put their hand on your chair knowing full well you will sit on it.

apparently, i was hanging out with a third grader.

how would my opponents feel if women put their hands on them in court?

nevermind. they might enjoy it. hell, they all prolly need it!

long raining day. nothing to do but to eat some pizza.

notice the pic. taken by my bff jonathan. this was after i passed out from seeing blue cheer (if you are a music snob, you know who they are) and i needed to refuel and put my power pellets back to full. hence, me devouring the pizza.

what can i say i can eat! and i can litigate. not at the same time tho.

score today:

dude's hand: 1
my butt : 0
fouls : a lot

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