Monday, February 4, 2008

the brainstorm for henry the hedgehog and penelope the porcupine

i like to write stories. i like to make comic books. my mom still has the comic books that i made starting in the 1st grade. yes, my geekdom started early! i would make them like graphic novels, covers, credits, and i would staple them so they had a spine, just like a real book.

i also did pop up books. i made a series of pop up books all based on the greek and roman mythological stories. normal for a 2nd grader no? of course not!

my art supply box has scraps of unfinished doodles of creatures, monsters, characters that i try to bring to life and then i get distracted or i am not ready to ink them.

recently, i have been brainstorming henry the hedgehog. i have always liked the name henry. solid name. perhaps because it reminds me of john henry.

today i sat in my office and this is the story that played out. a fat hedgehog that walks with a limp. he is shy and his limp makes him even more introverted. not sure if hedgehogs are even extroverted animals. i do believe they are against the law in PA to have as pets i think. anyhow, limpy fat hedgehog. he lives under a mushroom and sometimes frequents this bar located in a hollow tree stump. here the shady animals, ie. slugs, potato bugs, moths, and millipedes. henry collects herbs and enjoys cooking. so far, i think i wanna have him wear glasses. putting glasses on any animal makes me giggle.

i have a scanner, but i need to hook it up to my macbook. is this complicated?

oh henry and penelope are going to fall in love, but like any love story, there will be tragedy.


broken wizard said...

henry and penelope will be best friends forever ... "together forever" ....maybe they should do a blood letting cermony to prove their undying love ... haha... creepy level one-up!

pearly said...

so creepy...i need another sketch book. i lost mine at the park. how should they meet?