Wednesday, February 20, 2008

comfort list

i am coming down with some cold bug or it is just sheer exhaustion from work. so i am not going to blog today. i have been sneezing all day. it was ridiculous.

my head feels all congested and i ordered some take in for dinner. nothing gourmet. pizza. hence, i am sick.

when i get all icky, i always want to drink hot tea or cider. actually walking home, i did pop in to get a cup of their caramel apple cider. it was nice to walk home in the flurries and drink cider.

the things above are what i want to make me feel better. chubby sodas. mario. :)

it is funny how i write in my blog as if it is going to respond and say get better pearly. but whoever is reading, just browse my other entries.

i have another comic idea. i need to hook up my scanner. i need a tissue. good god.

goodness too much for little head to think about right now. back to mario and chubby sodas.

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