Sunday, February 10, 2008

rambo and the racist

today i was excited to see rambo. i figure i could make it up to my parents after the cloverfield disaster.

we decided to see rambo over at this big theater since it was playing in two hours and we all had just finished eating our new years' meal.

now, if you are not a fan of rambo, what is wrong with you?! ok ok ok. come on, like the other rambo movies, this movie proves to be action packed, quite violent, and filled with some great one liners. stallone co-wrote this movie and directed it. i dont know if that will attract or detract people from seeing it, but it worked for me!

basically, rambo sees a pretty blond missionary and falls prey into taking a bunch of missionaries to burma, yup, burma. the country that is under a civil war/genocide. these people are armed with the word of the lord and rambo is armed with fury and a crossbow. nice.

anyhow, as we all sat watching this blockbuster, i notice that the theater has toddlers running about. scared and crying from the decapitations and blood from the war scenes. hello?! dude, hire a babysitter. why are you taking your babies to witness this violence? i know this movie is rated R and kids can come to watch if accompanied by an adult, but seriously. besides having toddlers and babies crying throughout this movie, right at the end, some ignorant dude in front of my parents screams, "F*CKING KILL THE GOOKS!" the theater was silent. what did he just scream?! my parents were ignoring him, but i could tell apalled. my ears were burning and i turned to look at the dumb jerk. other people in the theater were confused. there were no "gooks" in the movie. the movie took place in BURMA and part of it was in THAILAND.

when we confronted him after the movie to let him know he shouldnt shout out racial slurs. he told us to "F*CK OFF." he prolly thought we were chinese. all asians are chinese right? well, it doesnt make it right.

this dude was wearing a rocky balboa shirt and was with his mom. yes, a grown ass man with his ma.

there was no point in talking to this dude and putting sense into him. i felt sorry for him. he is a 50 year old dude living with his mom and he went to the movies with her and then shouted racial slurs.

clearly, he has no friends.

but he left thinking, "why did those chinese people yell at me?!"

the world makes me laugh and it makes me cry. much like stallone movies.


Mark Schoneveld said...

LOL. Tim just told me this story (it's so funny to hear it from him and then read it on your blog almost verbatim). You must have been at the Riverview. Heh.

DevotedSatellite333 said...

Wow! I don't know what to say. That's pretty wild. Sorry to hear your experience was ruined by some racist jerk-off... the bad acting was enough to deal with.

By the way, I noticed you blog everyday. I've taken up the 365 challenge too. I can't wait till it's over! :P By the way, just added you on Pownce. ;)