Saturday, February 16, 2008

harder done than said

i always mixing up my metaphors. i think being raised in a bilingual household prolly did this to me. people who know me. my friends who love me call these sayings, "pearlisms." i believe i wrote about this in an earlier blog.

today was my parents' chinese new year dinner for friends and family. they had postponed it from last week. dumplings. shrimp rockets. spring rolls. summer rolls. rice noodles. the list of food goes on. i have been eating all day, like it was my job. i actually fall asleep on the sofa as people held a ping pong tournament. wow, i just realized how "asian" that sounds. "hey guys, anybody up for some full contact ping pong?"

i don't know what we all were talking about, but like my usual self, i was trying to make a point. my response to the conversation was "harder done than said."

the chatter went silenced.

then the question marks popped up over their heads. i continued to chatter.

then i got corrected.

i still think my saying is fine just the way it is.

anyhow, eating all this food made me sleepy. i took a nap. ok, naps. after waking up from my naps. i was dreaming of food. pathethic huh? i just ate a full meal and then i dreamt of food. the photo to the left is how i protect myself from "pho." pho is the traditional vietnamese beef noodle dish. it can be made with chicken (which i prefer) as well. anyhow, pho takes time to make, but it smells the entire house up. seriously. it seeps int your clothes, the drapes, the sofa. it is like the nothingness from the neverending story.

i always just pull my collar or turtleneck in and use it as my "pho mask" so to speak. i guess bryan was right to put only 1/2 my face in those TRKFLD ads. i sport the 1/2 look more often than i realized.

while napping, food and playing drawn to life on my ds will tucker a girl out. i woke and was talking to my sister, gesturing with my hands in an animated manner and i poke my finger in my left eye. how the heck?! first, off i am extremely clumsy. i just am and my mom lied to me when she told me i would outgrow this. i also realized my mom lied to me when she told me drinking milk would make me taller. i drank milk and more milk and i never grew any taller than 5'1''. hmpf. but that is ok. i have accepted being pocket sized.

so i poked my left eye. which i find remarkable. i must have amazing aim. seriously. i mean my slanty eyes, the width of a dental floss and i managed to land my finger in my eye between blinks?! i am like a sharp shooter. a sniper.

my left is red. hence the photo is shot black and white. did you all really wanna see me all pinky? prolly not. it would be too japanese horror movie and that would give me and everyone nightmares.

now i am lying in bed. i have a compress over my left eye. my ds is sleeping. i was going to begin reading to terra part 2, but find it difficult to read with one eye.

not much has changed since i was little. the clumsy things i have done now or the mixed up things i say now, all have their roots.


i slept in a bed with guard rails on the side placed by my dad because i would often roll off my bed and hit my face on my night stand. why we didn't move the night stand is beyond me.


i knocked myself out while doing a weight machine. one of those weights that you pull down on a pulley. i clonked myself in the head with a 20 lb. weight. it was the clonk heard around the gym. i saw bright light and awoke to find my friends laughing at me. big bump on head. thank goodness for bangs. and i was told by the staff that perhaps i should work out wearing a helmet.


i would spend hours playing nintendo with my dad and my sister. zelda. mario. duckhunt.


i spend hours playing nintendo with my dad and my sister. zelda. mario. duckhunt.


when i worked as a cashier for a store, my vest (our ugly uniform) got stuck in the cash register drawer. i was new so i didnt know how to open the drawer and an angry line formed. i basically looked like i was making out with the cash drawer.


i got my desk drawer stuck at work. all my drawers wouldn't open. my work called a locksmith and it took him 3 hours to open my desk. he took a hammer out and started banging the desk, then he looked up and asked, "you don't have anything fragile in here do ya?"

i got stuck in a revolving door. this has happened twice.

my last work place got clear doors for their entry way. i had been out for the last 2 weeks in ny for them. i got off the elevator and waved the receptionist and then ran face first into the prestine clear doors. she told me i looked like a hurt little bird. maintenance was upset because i left a smudge mark of my face on the doors. i did this about 3 times.

now i am gonna hide my face again.

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