Saturday, February 9, 2008

feeling a bit sad

today i woke up feeling tired, but eager to start my day. seems like everyone is getting sick and i have been dodging this bug.

i woke up freshfaced and bundled to face the elements as i began my quest for seaweed paper and shrimp chips.

but now as i sit after taking a long hot bath, i feel ill. my head is pounding. i cant read my comics. my mind is just not focused.

this bothers me since usually reading makes me calm. settles me.

on my adventure today, i picked up some string dolls/charm made in thailand. i selected a french dude doll. beret. red and white

striped shirt and funny moustache. so gigi. i am sitting here typing and my doll sits gazing at me. he makes me smile.

at the store i bought him at, the cashier girl noticed my TRKFLD bag and i talked them up and told her the 1/2 hoodie asian girl

in their ads is yours truly.

my fresh faced start has began to tumble. my head is pounding and i feel like i am squeezed in a vice. perhaps some tea or cider

will help me. i have spent the whole day walking, searching for a sketchbook that i can fill.

i have to go blow my nose and take a nap.

feeling unpearly like today.

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