Thursday, February 14, 2008

1984 in 2008

today i went to get my usual cup of coffee at dunkin. you know you drink too much coffee when the dunkin dude makes your order ahead of time. they threw in a free muffin for me. i think they felt sorry for me since all these women in line had tacky flowers and bad foiled chocolates. so they gave me a stale raisin muffin. fair trade? sure, why not.

i entered work, cold and cheeks flushed from the wind. i always look like chinadoll on cold days. today i was in a foggy mood. my slanty eyes were half moons due to lack of sleep. my mittens clutched my cup of joe and i walked into work and said morning to all. i set my coffee down on my desk and threw down my bag. i turned on my computer. which is slower than a commodore 64. i swear it is like running on DOS. ok, it isnt, but you get my drift. there is an email in my inbox stating we need to change our id and password to swtich to a "faster" server. i follow the instructions and realize that my work is now tracking our internet use. my name. the webpages. the length of time. WHA?! soo 1984. i mean now the whole place gets into paranoia state of mind. who the heck is really surfing for porn at work? or gambling? now, certain websites are blocked. so is the word. i didnt blog at work and i apologize for not being on pownce, but i did check my personal email.

i remember thinking 1984 was the scariest book ever. police monitoring your thoughts. here, i know monitoring web use is not the same, but i felt a bit insulted. we all work hard and most of the time, the internet is my lunch buddy. i work and work. just like a good asian. :)

i thought they wanted to boost morale. now everyone is running around like crazy chickens.

so my valentines has started with big brother watching my every move.

i am checking for cameras now!

on a happier note, there has been interest in my lonely zombie dolls. i may make some and first come, first serve basis. i only will let lonely zombie into loving homes. i also make them so he walks with a gimp, so to speak. they all have scars. and the original zombie doll, i stiched by hand so it looks very zombie esque franksteinesque~ also, i out a red heart on him. my chibby guy has a soul. with zombies, i consider myself a chubby chaser!

i have been in my office, scared to type in my computer. it freaks me out that the man is watching. overseeing. a czar looking down on his diligent proleteriat subjects. shudder.

i doodled a zombie friend to keep me company. he is on a yellow post it. i stuck the post it on my computer. he will have to be my lunch buddy since my computer has betrayed me.

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