Friday, February 8, 2008

sit tight peeps

i will be sans my macbook this weekend. long story. but three words: failed hard drive. oh goodness.

anyways, read this story and sit tight.

i got my haircut today. ok ok ok. for my friends, i have been sporting the same elf bangs forever, but just realize, that now, i really look like an elf. today was a good day. i took a walk at lunch, got a perfect haircut, the weather is nice and soon i will be going to yoga, which is my new jawn.

read and then i'll post next week. compooters make me angry.

the story below happened this summer. i am a magnet for crazies. or should say i am a "magNUT."

btw, i am beginning to write my memoirs. it is going to begin with the chapter of what happened to me yesterday after the gym. i was waiting for the bus since it was 100 degrees out and it takes me 30 minutes to walk home and i decided to sit on an air conditioned bus. (not a green move, but oh well). as i was waiting for the bus stop and rummaging for my shuffle ipod, some old creepy lady that looked like a she male approached me. then she burped in my face. she quickly explained that when she talks to people, she always burps. my thought bubble: this crazy woman just ate mcdonalds.ew.

she takes out of her patch work hand bag/tote/luggage a tube of cheap looking lipgloss. she taps me on the shoulder and says, "you like? wanna pay me a dollar for it?" before i can throw out a quip, she adds, " i pick pocketed it out of someone's purse, so i didnt use it." as if this last sentence would entice me. as if i would be inclined to buy a lipgloss used by another and not this wanna be saleswoman. but i dont say any of that. the asian in me, didnt want to be rude. i politely tell her no thank you. she huffs at me and then as a last resort asks, " do you have any extra bus tokens at least?" i nod no. by now, i have untangled my ipod shuffle earplugs and quickly put them in and tune in to the soothing sounds tex ritter and johnny cash.

finally the bus arrives. i pick a seat. of course, it is right across from the crazy lady! she gives me disappointing looks. i wanted to tell her that first off, no one is going to buy a used lipgloss! second, no one really wants to wear hot fushia lipgloss!

my second thought bubble was interrupted by the septa driver telling us passengers that there is a detour and my stop was not on it. grrr. so i ended up walking home anyways.

end of the night, the score reads:

pearl 0

septa 1

crazy lady still a crazy lady.

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