Monday, February 18, 2008


last nite i went to see freezepop. when i lived in boston, i saw them a few times and i always have fun. my friends weren't into them, but i like them because their fans are nice and no one cares about being a hipster. it was nice to be with just real people who wanna bop around. i mean how many guys and girls can we see every day wearing black eyeliner and miss sixty jeans?

i met my friend shannon for drinks before heading over to the show. freezepop has not been to philly since i have been here, so i was quite giddy to see them. they are a cute electro synth pop band that writes songs about pop music, crushes, science, etc. my outer and inner geekdom is always satisfied by them.

we missed the first opening band. prolly because we were out and i insisted on ordering a grilled cheese and bacon samwich. what can i say, i graze. i eat like every 4 hours. so if you see me out and about, don't be surprised if i have food on me or in my mouth.

we caught the second opening band, boy in static. . this band is also from boston. it was two dudes, one white guy and one asian guy. there was a drum machine and then the asian guy whips out an electric viola! my jaw dropped and i was excited to see an electric viola! i mean come on. that is like super asian. i was all eager to talk to him after the show about it since i play and i was listening to his pick up on his viola, etc.

turns out the asian guy, alex chen is also a member of freezepop. he goes by the stage name french ghost. there were peeps there who were chatting with me and told me this info. they were convinced they had seen me in pittsburgh the night before. i told them it was my clone.

anyhow, after the show had ended and it was a fun one. freezepop is good at getting the crowd clapping and reminds of what happens to ravers and the big pants crowd. they come here to get their dose of techno/electro. freezepop is friendly and funny and honestly just down to earth. i think i stood in the first row with a big ass grin.

as the show ended with their pop cover of journey's "don't stop believing" and then closing out with a favorite, foreigner's "final countdown" i made sure to find the asian viola player. i totally scoped him out so i could chat him up about string instruments. i know. geeky.

he is a nice guy and when i told him i play violin/fiddle and that my electric violin looks like something prince would play. seriously, it is hot pink and modern looking. anyhow, he laughed and he told me he uses the pick ups for his viola for live shows, not for recording. then he was checking his iphone and both he and my bff, jonathan, were talking about their iphones. i responded that i was not giving into this iphone epidemic because i would look super asian with an iphone. alex laughed. i told them i was happy with my tank/sidekick3.

after the tech/shop talk, i asked alex if i could take my pic with him. (gosh, who is acting all asian now?!) and he said yes. ok, so i took about 3 pics. i threw down my gang signs and put on headphones to make it even more asianlike kitch. after the photo op, alex asked me if i had a flickr account. i said i was going to post it on my blog. he laughed. i dont know if it was from amusement or sympathy or due to the late hour, who knows. dude, it's a blog party. get with it!

i think i should email him the pic. but perhaps that is way too creepy?

oh also, the other guy in the band, i think his last name is diamond. i wanted to tell him that if we got married, my name would be "pearl diamond." hot. omg, another prince reference. whoa.

oh yeah, my renewed pet peeve. why is it the tallest people and i am talking about like amazon tall peeps gather together and stand right in front of me? one guy stood in front of me and i sighed loudly and then i said in a soft voice, "can you not stand there please?" but he could not hear me from the bottoms of the bar floor. he was up in the clouds. grrr. do i have to wear high heels out now?! seriously, cut this little mushroom a break!


Jason said...

Thank goodness for Google alerts or I'd never find these posts. Hi, I'm Jason, I was the guy standing behind the merch table all night. I remember you because you had style. I like style. I also thought I'd make a few corrections to your post...

1. Alex, when playing with Freezepop is "Creme Brulee, The French Ghost"

2. "Michael Diamonds", when playing with Boy In Static is Kenji Ross.... and

3. As you may have guessed from his name (which is his real name), Kenji is indeed Asian. Or at least 1/2 Asian, which still counts.

And finally, I have no doubt Alex would love to get your photos. It's things like fans writing to them that is the ultimate reward.

Perhaps we'll see you again soon.


Jason said...

Oh yeah, "The Final Countdown" is by Europe, not Foreigner. Maybe Freezepop should learn "Cold As Ice", though :)

pearly said...

thanks for the corrections and updates! i knew it was freakin europe too! oh der!

ok i will email the photos and let them know that i am a fan pho sure!