Sunday, March 16, 2008

superman vs. batman

i have bins of comic books in my closet. i am a collector. i have them in snugs. for the layperson, snugs are the plastic covers that encase comics. beep beep beep. i know. geek alert. target marked. me.

anyhow, my friends and i have discussed superheroes. it is a running theme.

there are many superheroes. you have spider man. the hulk. green lantern. green arrow. batman. superman. the list goes on.

i often tell people that there are two types of people in the world. those who prefer superman and those who prefer batman.

i prefer batman.

who do you prefer?

who you prefer says a lot about you.

i remember i had this same conversation with my friend big dave. he prefers superman. i don't. i recall him stating that superman is a good guy. i said, superman is messed up. his entire planet BLEW UP. his retort. batman saw his parents gunned down. both wear tights. superman is just that a SUPER man. batman is a wealthy man, a human. no super powers here dude, just the smell of vengence and cold hard cash.

big dave laughed. true.

so both have identity problems.

big dave sums it up. if superman didnt have any of his super powers, he would still help people. he would still help you get your cat out of the tree. bruce wayne/batman would keep walking. he doesn't care about your cat.

big dave smirks. i tell him how i asked this question to some dude at a party. a party where some guy who read one comic book his entire life tells me he loves superman.

me: who do you like, superman or batman?

dude: ooh. ok. why do you care?

me: just answer the question.

dude: superman. no doubt. (all smiles)

me: please go away now.

end scene.

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Jerry said...

so i think i am registered to comment now. here goes:
anyway, your point about batman NOT helping an old lady across the street is exactly why i like him. he is troubled, and not really a superhero in the traditional sense. crime fighting is his calling but probably not his first choice in careers. but he still fights crime in his city, despite the fact that he could just be using his wealth the relax in the riveara or someplace like that. and once again...the cool car!