Monday, March 24, 2008

BTW this is the layout of fallen star

i scanned fallen star in installments, but it loses some of the layout i created since i used the entire bristol board. this is the entire comic in its glory.

the moral of fallen star?

wear an eyepatch. ice cream makes the universe happy and balanced. ice cream solves everything. everything.


Jerry said...

i will agree that ice cream can solve most problems...a sore throat, a skinned knee, a bad day at work. but my current problem is that all my pants are too tight after a spring break full of eating fast food and free "first day of spring" rita's water ice. i don't think ice cream will solve that problem. in fact i'm pretty sure it would make that problem much, much worse. lol!

pearly said...

ok. ice cream cannot solve tailoring problems. :)

Rtaylor32 said...

Your art work reminds me of the Little Prince...which is nothing but a good thing. Thanks for the comic.

pearly said...

i take it as a total compliment. le petit prince is a classic! i like to make cute comics with an edge sometimes. thanks for reading!