Saturday, March 1, 2008

my new obsession: squidbillies

most of the time, my friday nites consist of me coming home, putting on levis and watching movies, reading one of my 5 books i have started, listening to records, reading comic books and playing video games. yes, i do all of this. yesterday i came home and decided to watch this cartoon called "squidbillies." first off, let's just say i have always been a fan of adult swim. it reminds me of liquid television. anyhow, i just knew i was going to love it. it combines squids and hillbillies= squidbillies. what's not to love? i gathered my salted seaweed to eat. yes, this is my telelvision snack of choice. i was ready to watch the squidbillies. i put in episode 15 on and found myself snorting outloud on these squidbillies debating what to do with their poor granny. granny is in the hospital and has really bad gas. she needs a gallbladder surgery, but her boys cannot afford it. ah. the timeless story of granny needs a gallbladder. grandson doesnt give his gallbladder. grandson tried to find some hooker to take her gallbladder. doctor tells grandson gallbladder must be from a blood relative. grandsons try to raise money for granny. grandsons use the dollar they raised to buy beef jerky. granny never gets gallbladder, but an experiment for the tobacco industry. see, timeless no? :) well, i loved this cartoon. it crosses the line. the music is great. if you like twang, bluegrassy, hank williams sr., type hommage music. the animation reminds me of aqua teen hunger force. the humor is gross, clever, and sometimes uncomfortable. all the juxtapositioning makes for some awesum animation.

squids still scare me. hillbillies will always scare me. squidbillies will always make me laugh.

how did i not know about these racist, homophobic, country loving, pick up truck driving, smoking squids?! seriously, i must live under a rock. a small rock. a mushroom.

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