Monday, March 10, 2008


it's finally here! smash brothers brawl for the wii. this is one of the funnest games ever. kids, if you played this game on the nintendo game cube, you will definitely not be disappointed. smash brothers brawl for the wii is amazing. the graphics, the precision, the music, the characters (new and old), and the interface. the wii version incorporates battle grounds from the old brawl. you can play other people over the wifi with the wii. you can also choose an adventure mode, where you go thru different levels while battling crazy monsters, ie. ghosty pixels.

game crazy was selling this game (yours truly already had preordered it, so i could avoid the lines) this past saturday starting at midnight. who knew they were open until 2 am? who knew there were already a bunch of 10 year old kids in line at 9 pm waiting for the clock to turn midnight, so they could use their allowance to buy smash brothers brawl? certainly not i. indeed not i.

back to the game. if you are familiar with smash brothers brawl, you know the rules. banghok rules. you beat your opponent in different arenas. each character has different strengths, skills, and weaknesses. there is also a customization mode where you can increase the size of your character, have your character be made of chrome, have a flower on your head, etc. anyhow, as you beat opponents, and depending how many you conquer, you are then given the opportunity to challenge an unknown player! if you beat this unknown opponent, you "unlock" the character and that character can join your army of choices. sweet. so far, the players i have unlocked have been "ness," "marth," and "luigi." this game is so addictive and keeps your thumbs in constant battle mode.

the different battle arenas are interactive. they move, they are scenes from other nintendo games, nintendo consoles and ds games. soo freaking wicked cool. fighting in one world and a GIANT nintendog pops up on the screen and blocks your entire view! the nintendog is licking the screen, jumping around, totally clueless of the heated battle going on behind it.

i've got 4 wii controllers and plenty of time to try to unlock all these characters.

smash brothers brawl is like tekken/soul calibre for the cute.

i am a button master.

my players of choice right now:

1) kirby: he can eat you, he can float and fly, his talents are super kicks and he turns into heavy objects as added shield.

2) zelda: she turns into the sheik too. like 2 players for 1. she can float and more importantly, TELEPORT. magic!

3) ice climbers: 2 players for the price of 1 again. cute eskimos!! anyhow, you can attack with one going on the high ground and one on the low. they are fast too! did i mention they are soo cute!?

4) ??? haven't decided. it may be between link (always a crowd favorite) or pit (hello! icarus! wings!)

another thing about this game, as you play objects are dropped, bombs go off, monsters attack. you can pick up objects as the battle ensues and use these objects to your advantage. if your battle ends in a standstill with time running out, you go to the SUDDEN DEATH round. pressure's on!

ok, i cannot praise this game enough. worth the wait. even worth the wait when nintendo pushed back the date.

i am so thinking smash brothers brawl 2008 fest coming up soon! everyone should bring their own wii-mote and it will be an all out, no holds barred, smash brothers brawl.


just remember, i may be pocket cute, but i can kick your ass in pretty much any battle game. including smash brothers brawl.

sudden death anyone?

bring it. straight hood.


Mark Schoneveld said...

Looks like it's time for a Wii party! :)

sailors sing said...

yes! Wii Pizza Party Time!