Sunday, March 9, 2008


i have been meaning to blog about the ymd show and pink skull show, but as of late, a lot of things have happened, so i have not been up to pearly mode. to put it into words people who know me will understand, i have been in "pause" mode in this game.

my bristol board i just got. i prefer inking and creating monsters and sketching creatures onto bristol board. i prefer how the ink just glides on the smooth surface.

before i had time to even go to the art store, i have been sketching these creatures i see in my head on scraps.

seen above is the sketch of my fallen pirate star. i loved him so much, i thumbtacked him to my bulletin board. see?

here are his stats:

he has one eye. one eye patch. he has a bandaged leg. he has a scar/stitches and he has a band aid.

he rarely smiles. he rarely shines. thrown from the galaxy, he is bitter.

i also drew a sketch of a zombie top hat dude. he made me laugh because just sitting at work and i pictured a top hat zombie dude! very fred astaire. very high society. high tea. a zombie that prefers scones to brains. hmmmm.....i think i may be on to something kids.

english proper zombies? english high society zombies and their encounter with my personal hero and creation, lonely zombie.

this is how magic happens....

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