Monday, March 24, 2008

the flu and 8 bit music

i had been looking forward all week to see the 8 bit music show featuring, animal style, bit shifter,bubbly fish, cheap dinosaurs, nullsleep, etc.

unfortunately, i came down with the flu on wednesday nite and thursday, it kicked my yellow ass.

i had friday off and spent it on theraflu after a day of running errands. i know. i should have stayed in bed. my head was throbbing, my voice shot from coughing, throat raw, my body ached. i could not breathe, much less walk and function like a human being, but i went to the show. with my ds lite in hand and hot tea in my other i went. my ears popped and although it was awesum to see these musicians live, to see art featuring games i love, the flu won.

it was lovely to sit at the rotunda and drink my hot tea and listen to bits of karnov and see contra playing. i loved how the art showed how the nintendo games looked when you put it into the NES wrong, all deformed pics. then of course, we would eject it and blow on the game. i dont know why we did that, but we all did. admit it.

i wanted to see nullsleep, but in the state i was in, i didn't make it.

i was home by 10 asleep due to theraflu and i dreamt of metroid. contra. link. zelda. warping.


flu 1
pearly 0

game over

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