Saturday, March 22, 2008

fallen star installment #4

despite being bed ridden with the flu, yes folks, i got infected by this nasty flu bug. if i could see this flu bug, i would smush it!

anyhow, i know i am behind in blogging, so here i am in my pjs in my bed surrounded by the swamp thing comic book collection (yes!), headphones to listen to records (merle haggard is on my turntable right now), a box of aloe tissues (owie. my poor flat nose!), and a cuppa of tea. my recipe for the flu, honey vanilla chamomile tea (no caffeine), honey, a lozenge (have it melt in the cup), and fresh kumquats. mmmmm. i am no doctor, but this works!

ok ok ok, back to fallen star.

we left fallen star selling ice cream to green space men. even pirate stars have to function in a society where money rules. aka. c.r.e.a.m (come on folks, "cash rules everything around me"). the green space men did not get their flavor of choice. pirate star does not follow the rule that the customer is always right. instead, his thought bubble is one that is similiar to michael douglas's "fallen down" masterpiece, "i want a whammy burger!" pirate star imagines his rage at this green alien dude. but this was all in his head...or was it?

see installment #4 above.

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sailors sing said...

mmm. ice cream.

get better!

the pham phan club is worried!