Tuesday, March 25, 2008

robots rock. robots rule.

installment 1 of robots rock

while i have been recovering from the flu from hell, i realized that something that i was missing was a robot. yes, it is nice to have a loved one dote on you. yes, it was nice to spend the whole day in my pajamas. granted, i have some cute pajamas! but a robot. and not some lame waiter teddu ruxpin crap robot. i mean a RO-BOT. a gigantor type deal.

this robot would have made me soup. kim chi soup! like a butler, but not really. i mean my robot would be cooler than mr. belvedere. my robot would protect me, yet also be gracious enough to reach the top shelf items for me. my robot would act out my favorite books, my favorite scenes from movies, sing my favorite songs, make my favorite cookies (snickerdoodles) and just keep me company.

i realized while fighting the flu, yes the flu K.O.ed my butt. it gets lonely sitting at home. i was at home and no one was around. everyone was working. i did have a few friends call me and ask if i was ok or needed anything, which i totally appreciated, but all in all, it is not fun to be home sick.

it would have been more fun to have a robot sitting next to me and diagramming my hijinx or making pie charts on all my pearlisms.

a robot would have made me forget that my throat was on fire and that take away the cute pajamas, you're left with a sick pearly.

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