Wednesday, March 12, 2008

pink martini

last wednesday, i saw pink martini at the kimmel center. i was quite giddy to see them since i missed them awhile back when they were here at the world cafe i believe. this band is beautiful, loungey, french brazilian japanese influence. this 13 band orchestra hail from portland, oregon and they are all very talented musicians. they have this old soul feel to them. playing french classics and original songs and putting their spin on bolero.

the sound at the kimmel center is amazing. this place itself is another world. acoustics here would make any band sound good it seems. but since i was there to hear a good band, it was even better.

the band is lively, but their music reminds me of sitting in a backyard on a warm summer's nite, with a few close friends, drinking some white wine and looking for falling stars and counting lightning bugs. their music makes me happy and nostalgic, calm and contemplative.

i was in awe of the violin player and the trumpet player. the violinist was on point. precision. the bowing, the technique. being a violinist myself, i felt i had a deeper appreciation for the violinist. i could almost feel the rosin dust floating off his bow. i adore the violin because you can make any string instrument sound so melancholy, sad, like someone crying. it's this morose quality which i enjoy. kind of ironic, since if you know or met me, i am not a melancholy person.

the trumpet player was just insane. i mean it was sick how fast he was playing. the notes were just perfect. he inspired me to want to play the trumpet. i even researched purchasing a trumpet, and even a pocket trumpet. anything "pocket" like is a-ok by me.

the vocalist china forbes sings in italian, french, japanese, english, etc. it was such a cool concert since music transcends all languages. you can listen to a japanese song and not know it is about a geisha getting lost in the fog, but listen to it, and just know it is a sad song about loss. at least that is how it is for me.

pink martini has loyal fans from all generations. it is kind of cool to attend show where i wasnt just mingling with kids in tight jeans with flatironed hair. i didnt even have to break out earplugs for this show! rads.

pink martini appeals to all generations. they pay hommage to the past and present with their music. timeless stuff.

they did play one of my favorite songs, "hang on tomato," based on an ad they saw in LIFE magazine for heinz ketchup. hang on tomato, hang on to the vine....

sometimes i feel like a little tomato, as opposed to a little mushroom. some days you just can't hang on to stuff. this week has totally proven to one of those weeks.

off tangent, i recall walking home from work this past monday. stressed. sad. i told a co-worker that i actually stopped walking and sat on a bench and cried. so retarded of me. i remember thinking, what are you doing pearl?! crying in public? crying while sitting on a park bench no less!

i continued home and made some tea, listened to some pink martini and wished myself to the island of kyoto, foggy mists, godzilla and perhaps godzilla fighting a pokemon or something.

this blog post got a little confusing. my mind wanders around and my fingers just type.

time to go to sleeps. zzzzzz

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