Monday, June 30, 2008

the birdie left behind

i have a little flower garden outside of my city stoop. besides my flower boxes, i have this garden. before the heat wave, i had pretty flowers in this yellow fenced garden. now, it is dried up flowers. sigh.

living in the city, i am used to seeing dead little baby birds on sidewalks. it always freaks me out to see dead birds. like a sign of doom or something.

this sunday, i heard a little chirping. a baby bird. he was in my garden, but my pa noticed the bird was not flying. my pa said, "he hurt." i go and look at the baby bird closely. it is not a newborn since it does have its feathers, but it is a baby. its bug eyes wide with fright. he couldn't fly. he would hop a bit, but no flying. no parent birds in sight.

we tried to pick up the birdie, but he was so scared and he tried to bite with his little beak. his googly eyes were all wide and dark with fright.

i have this birdhouse in my rose garden. so we ushered the fledgling into the birdhouse. figuring that the birdie could take shelter in the house, safe from squirrels and dogs. doesn't he look all cozy in the birdhouse? wow. just had they might be giants moment. birdhouse in your soul just chimed through my head.

upon further internet research, we had to put the birdie near the place we found him. decided that placing the birdie in the flower boxes over the bushes and flowers was a good idea. in case, the birdie attempted to fly and missed, he would not fall far and on soil.

as the little birdie chirped, his parents, the cardinals were chirping back.

upon checking on the baby birdie, he was gone. he finally flew.

now my birdhouse is empty. sigh.


Liz said...

I love that picture. Did you take it?

pearly said...

yes, i took the pic. national geographic it's not, but i think it is a good shot! thanks for noticing liz! :)