Thursday, June 12, 2008

wednesday mixtape


yesterday i walked home and i past a happy hour with colleagues from work. i was en route to the comic book store and i didn't want to stop, but the asian politeness gene made me stop and chat. i got made fun of for wanting to go to the comic book store, hello?! it's wednesday, new issues! anyhow, as i walked past lame bar after lame bar and jocks with white caps on, khakis and people listening to dave matthews, i realized that i didn't want to go to a happy hour, but rather i just wanted gelato. is it possible to just have a gelato hour?

i got the comic i wanted and went and got gelato by myself and i was thinking of songs that i missed. i got home and made the mix, hopefully it plays. the songs make me smile and remind me that sometimes wednesdays aren't bad. even if i wasn't digging happy hour, i made my own gelato hour and in my head, i rule.


Jerry said...

awewsome mix....fugazi, ottis redding, violent femmes, and of course: THE DEAD MILKMEN!!!! i would definitely play it while enjoying a frozen treat, although i do prefer water ice to gelato.

pearly said...

what can i say? i am girl who loves her emo to her dc thrasher days to the bands of summer.