Friday, June 6, 2008

the hulk

ok ok ok. so people are hyped about the new hulk movie. i am NO FAN of the hulk. honestly, he is one of my LEAST favorite superheroes. ever since i was little, i remember that hulk series with lou ferrigno and he scared me. those creepy contact lenses. shudder. i remember trying to get into the comic book and i couldn't. no one can force feed the hulk to me. i will purge him.

why do i have such hatred for the hulk? i don't. i just don't like him. my two reasons for not liking the hulk have been the same since i was a kid and remain steadfast true today:

1) i do not like any superhero whose super power is the lack of self control; and
2) the hulk wears purple tattered calypso pants.

game point.

now that you all are up to speed about my sentiments about the hulk/dr.banner, the fact that i am intrigued and excited to see the new hulk movie is saying a lot! i did like ang lee's interpretation of the hulk in the first movie. i mean, the hulk is super super big. his strength cannot be recorded since it goes off the chart all depending on his anger. i am glad hollywood is keeping the hulk huge in physical size, which is true to the comic. edward norton is no doubt going to be amazing in the movie.

so all in all, this little blog shout out means i will be seeing the hulk, prolly with my dad and hopefully without any ignorant racists in the theater (refer to earlier blog, rambo and the racist).

i don't think i will be going out buying hulk comics, but i do hope there is a lot of smash smash. :)

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