Thursday, June 26, 2008

summer nights

summer in the city is something i love. no, i don't enjoy the humid mugginess, the smell of hot piss in the subway, the fact the homeless people now strip down to the skeeveys, the hordes of teenagers who roam the street, yelling slurs at me or spitting at me. these are all bad negative things about the city, but every once in awhile, i get glimpses, moments of prettiness that remind me why i love summers in the city.

1) getting dinner with my best friends and just talking about everything and nothing and then winding down the night with cold bubble tea

2) the sound of the ice cream truck and the site of mr. softie on the side of the truck as i chase it down to get a wolverine popsicle

3) people flying kites in the park

4) the smell of honeysuckles as i walk to work in the morning

5) the smell of dew on grass as it gets cut after an overnight rainstorm

6) how the nights stay lighter and you lose track of time

7) water ice is ok to eat for dinner

8) seersucker suits on old men

9) picnics are back in style

10) fireflies. fireflies. fireflies.

summer of 2008 has begun. bring on the bubble tea and let's catch some fireflies.


Liz said...

OMG! Teenagers yell and spit on you? That is insane. What a horrible ordeal. I hope 08' will be a peace filled summer for you.

Sam Proof said...

Grrr that makes me want to have a training montage, get in to peak physical shape, get a plane ticket to PA and kick some arse.

pearly said...

so far my summer has been nice. laidback. thanks liz! and sam, you rule! no need for you to go all van dame!