Sunday, July 6, 2008

norman rockwell does not live here

i used to date this guy, for y'all following, it's BLAINE from the post -it comic i did a few blogs back. anyhow, i was young and retarded in love. this guy wore khakis and docksiders and if he wanted to go crazy, he would wear black keds. i know. i know.

we had several art history classes together. he was a big norman rockwell fan. i know. he would tell me this line all the time," the only thing i love that is abstract is you." i thought it was lovely. now that i think about it, it wasn't.

i know "blaine" has grown up to probably be some successful businessman or investment banker or lawyer or doctor.

when i go to work, the drawing above is how i feel. sorry for the sloppy ink job. i will touch it up later.

in a sea of brooks brothers suits and cufflinks, lies me.

in this sea of professionals who are all "linked in," there's me "chinked in."


Liz said...

Thank goodness you are an original. We "black sheep" are the ones that keep the world interesting and btw I love your art work.

Len N. Wallace said...

Can't believe I haven't seen this, but it's cute. That guy you dated sounds like a real prick.

Hurray for being different!

mrcsh said...

Also, loved this post! =)