Monday, April 28, 2008

missing philly while in seattle

seattle is a pretty city. see pics below. i like that it is grey. i don't like how often it is grey. everyone in this city is into organic foods, going green, very friendly, laid back and educated. there are some hippy people, ie. drum circles and what not, but i did like how everyone was into a healthy lifestyle, biking, hiking, sailing. quite different from my cheesesteak home town.

while in seattle, i decided to try as many coffee shops as bodily possible. i went to one in the queen anne district and the dude made a fern leave/frond on my coffee froth. cute huh? i thought so.

here is my list of pros for seattle
1) my new nephew max (cutest baby in the world)
2) chowder. it is good.
3) fresh fish and hence awesum sushi
4) easy street records
5) space needle ( i don't care if that is touristy and tacky. it is cool. spacey.)
6) coffee places are everywhere and i don't mean starbucks and most use free trade and organic beans
7) it is a clean city. no litter. no homeless people really. no graffiti
8) food here is more expensive. just going out to eat is more expensive
9) drivers yield to pedestrians and are pleasant about it and don't honk or curse at you
10) it is grey for 7 months out of the year

cons for seattle
1) lots of hippies, old hippies, new hippies
2) drum circles (yup, even if it is cold out, here they are drumming away)
3) the birthplace of starbucks
4) it rains. a lot. the only city perhaps where everyone carries an umbrella with them 24-7
5) not a walkable city. they didn't have ben franklin design it like philly!
6) crazy big seagulls. they could eat me
7) no graffiti or any type of urban decay
8) there is no bustle of people, out on a saturday night and there was still no people out! wha?!
9) grunge
10) it ain't philly.

being such polite people made me on edge. sometimes, i think it is refreshing to hear someone curse out a cab driver. ah, home.

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Mark Schoneveld said...

I'm glad you and Tim are on the same page with this and aren't moving out to hippieland any time soon!