Sunday, April 20, 2008

comic books, dice, rpg + girls= does not compute?

to all those in blog world and any lil' mushroom readers, i have a newsflash for you, girls read comic books. not many, but we do. personally, i frequent my local comic book stores prolly as much as girls around go to freakin HM.

my favorite jawn to drop mad cash is fat jack's comic crypt here in our city of brotherly love.

i reviewed it for yelp and this other fellow yelper on the west coast sent me this video, which made snort with laughter. like the dudes at fat jack's, you dont want to deter girls from coming into the store, (recall my encounter at brave new worlds comic book store. ahem). anyhow, the song holds truth in it.

yes, i have my own DD dice. yes, if you read superman, i will taunt you FOREVER. yes, i know where everything is in a comic shop. i do take great pleasure in buying my comic books and find it hilarious that they use brown paper bags so it looks like i purchased a bunch of pornos. funny.

watch the clip.


abroome said...

I'm flying up from Dallas on Friday. Is this THE comic shop to see? I have time for maybe 2 comic stops and want to make sure I pick the rights spots.

pearly said...

hey there! to me fat jacks is home. the dudes there are wicked funny and nice and it doesn't feel all commercial and sterile. there are also two cats that wander around the place. if you are into sleek and kid robot toys etc. and more manga, check out brave new world in old city philadelphia, around 2nd and market st. hope you get some real good stuff! don't burn a hole in yo' pocket!