Thursday, April 10, 2008

things in my head

lately, i have been obsessing.

here are some of my thoughts as i drift off to sleeps.

1) alan moore is one of my personal gods. rereading swamp thing. amazing. truly epic. the struggle of man v. earth, human nature v. mother nature, the lines of good and evil. my favorite: "the sound of steak sobbing." amazing.

2) my lack of sleep this week. been watching my clock digitally change and each time it changes, i do the math to see how much sleep i could get if i went to sleep the very second it changed.

3) my new pink yoga mat. it doesnt smell like the gym. hence it doesnt have that BO funk or smell like feet. thank goodness!

4) MARIOKART for the wii

5) stuck on song 2. no, not the song 2 by blur. the second song that i am suppose to be working on. i have hit a wall. no, i am sitting there staring at the inspiration, no muse, just crickets. crickets.

6) strike like a cobra. my mantra right now. give credit to karate kid.

7) searching for music on lastfm...most of the artists i love don't have music on this thing we call the internet

8) planning a vacation. missing the mountains in vermont. the smell of the sea hitting the rocks in maine. the martinis in LA...

9) the smell of honey and jasmine

10) the search for cowboy boots for my little feet

11) the concept of time. why do i always know the time and why does it bother me when people run late? why can't i find a wrinkle in time? seem so easy when i read it.

12) eating an apple a day. i have been doing this for the past 2 weeks. perhaps i am scared to catch that flu again? well, i do like a crisp apple. i prefer macintoshes. tart. crispy. or a nice braeburn

13) i still remember my old locker combination in high school, including my gym locker. i told this info and was called rainman.

14) organic jelly beans. vegan, but good. mmmm.

15) making lists and crossing them off.

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