Saturday, April 12, 2008

this mixtape works. i promise.

while brainstorming for my next comic, yes, i know i didn't scan in my other comic as i promised. i will. i got distracted by how nice it was out today and my white fiddle inspired me to make the mixtape of great old country singers. great WOMEN singers. i love twang and the rawness of classic twangy country. it has such honesty.

so i made the tape and i now i feel inspired to pick up my fiddle and try to work on some music. shaolin wolf will howl.

btw, that is the name of my band. shaolin wolf.

listen to the tape. drink a cold beer. no, better yet, whiskey as you listen to these women croon about love lost, love made, cowboys going away and cheating love. cry a single tear into that cold beer my dear.

1 comment:

Mark Schoneveld said...

Fabulous mix, Pearl. Love the ol' country tunes. Awesome.