Thursday, May 1, 2008

food poisoning

yesterday some people i work with and i went out for lunch in chinatown. normally, this is a fun occasion and i am all about grabbing a bite on a brisk spring day. it is always good to get out of the office for a bit.

lunch was good. fun conversation. venting. jokes. no dessert. no coffee. but a 2 hour lunch. :)

coming back to the office it was already mid day. i am already sporting a cold (thanks seattle) so i was feeling a bit languid. i shrugged this off as normal. eating a big meal makes one sleepy. no bigs. i felt a bit off and left the office after 5. upon my return to my house, i got into my pjs. i hopped into bed to catch up on top chef episodes. i must have dozed off for about 20 minutes or so. i awoke all disorientaled, groggy and then i felt it.

that feeling of sickness as it crept up my throat. slowly at first and then at warp speed. i jumped out of bed, ran down my spiral staircase, into my bathroom, kneeling at the toilet and then BARF. ugh. i spent the next hour just puking another 3 times. the whole time i was cursing the lunch establishment!

food poisoning. it sucks. as i sat there with my hair out of my face, i felt like some lame drunk soriority girl.

i spent the rest of the night sipping water and whining. i felt drained.

of course, i didn't today off. nope, work doesn't stop even if my stomach can't handle solid foods.

today at work i was the walking dead. i ate pretzels and drank water. i am home now. resting. watching bad tv. ate some chicken broth. i can't waste anyway. i am already tiny!

i am scared to eat out now. it is one of my vices. i love love love to eat out. why live in an awesum city if you can't dine out?

well, i need to get better. i believe the only treatment for food poisoning according to webmd is just drink water and eat bland foods and let it run its course. after puking 3 times last nite, i felt strangely better. it is amazing how the human body works. whatever i ate. bad lettuce. ecoli noodles, who knows?! but, my body knew, this stuff is bad and we're gonna make you barf it up.

first i had the flu a few weeks back. now food poisoning. gees. it can only get better no?

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