Tuesday, January 1, 2008

shrink ray

when i was little, (ok younger, i am still little) my pa would hate having to park our car. there were never enough spaces and you know what they say about asian drivers. :) he used to tell me that he wanted to invent a shrink ray. he could use it on our car and put it in his pocket. from then on, i was obsessed with shrinking things and putting things in my pocket. 

i often take walks to clear my head to see what song will pop on my shuffle as i take this mini adventures. on my walks,  i would often see things or people i would find adoring or so edibly cute i wanted to shrink them or it and place in my pocket for safekeeping. chubby babies. pretty leaves. an ugly puppy. a fat apple. a lost checker. just poof and shrink and into my pocket you go. my pockets arent too deep, but they will suffice. if one can put a ship into bottles, why not shrink things to put into my pockets?

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