Sunday, January 20, 2008

my white fiddle

i used to tell people that i am prolly one of the only people that falls in love with cities and objects. i am by no means a shallow person, but sometimes i just connect memories to places and things. for example, when i moved to boston, i fell in love with the city. it was dynamic with touches of old history mixed with urban decay and nouveau. it was a paradox that had a reliable public transportation! to this day, boston remains in my heart as a home. dorky perhaps? maybe, but true.

i recently got a white fiddle. it is now part of my string family. a violin that has been with me through youth orchestras, suzuki lessons, pain staking auditions and practices. each scratch or knick tells a story.  i have an electric pink violin. girls like pink. it is some new wave crazy shape and the classically trained musician in me sometimes feels like a poser or fraud for liking the sound the strings emanate through my pignose amp. it still smells new and my fingers are still unaquainted with this new gadget.  my last instrument is a white fiddle. it is amazing. i have been playing constantly, the smell of the rosin, the strength of the bow and the energy of it all. 

i just started to learn to fiddle. i love playing the violin. but i am falling in love with my fiddle.

if any bands need a little asian girl fiddler, give me a holla!  


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