Thursday, January 3, 2008

cutest death ever

the best place to get phone charms is at the hello kitty store. the one i frequent is in chinatown. it was a cold saturday afternoon and i was there with my girls and we were browsing the world of hello kitty cuteness. the little old lady who runs the store was busy putting inventory on the shelves. as we mingled around the tiny store, i stopped to look at some japanese candies. is it normal to have ginger or chocolate squid?! all of sudden, i was hit on the head by a hard object. then another. it was like a bunch of meteors were showering my poor head! then i realized the very top shelf of overstuffed, gigantic hello kitty dolls, human sized hello kitty dolls had fallen on my head. a whole shelf! the old lady who was on the ladder, arranging these cute weapons was all apologetic and worried. asking how my head felt. sore i said. i mean these werent plush hello kitty toys, but these toys were like bean bags. not soft. and deadly.

my friends had witnessed my downfall and were laughing. i laughed too as i rubbed my noggin.

i can see the headlines now, "little asian girl killed by an avalanche of hello kitties." something the onion would report.

only i could get hurt at a hello kitty store. i'm asian. i thought the hello kitty store was my safe haven, my shire. oh well.

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