Wednesday, January 2, 2008


my friends tell me that i mix up my metaphors. but in my head it makes sense. what can i say i grew up in a bilingual household! the kicker is i am so close in my own version of popular metaphors, yet soooo far.

for example, in my profession, i encountered lots of alpha males who wanna be all mean and macho and i try to deflate their egos. once in an argument, i told this one dude who was going on and on and on that he was "no creamy mountain!" silence followed. then perplexity. then more silence. i thought i had stumped him! me and my flawless argumentative skills. instead, he looked at me and said, " what the hell is a creamy mountain?" i rolled my eyes. later that nite, i told my friends what had happened and they smiled and laughed because they too did not know what a creamy mountain was. i explained that this guy was all cocky and that he was not right. then a lightbulb went off in my friends' heads. "you mean cream of the crop OR king of the mountain!" ooooooh. but i am so used to saying it "my" way that it doesnt make sense to change.

my best friend matu is starting a book of my pearlspeak. you know you've hung out with me way too long when you understand me.

i guess my friends and i are thick as socks.

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