Monday, January 28, 2008


the funny thing about working in an office is how you find yourself saying hi and good morning and making small talk with people you see once a day or once a week, people who don't work in your unit, etc.

on my floor, i say hi to people i know work on my floor. it is like an office courtship. you start off just smiling at people on your floor/in your office since you don't know who is who. then after the smiling, comes the "hi" "how 'ya doing." it's like second base. after a few months of just "hi" "how are you's" comes the going steady.  you move beyond the second base and now ask how their day is or comment on the weather or the slow elevator. 

i am a social lego and pretty much can talk to a glass of punch if need be. in my profession, i like to think that i can hold a conversation.

now that i have laid the foundation, let me tell my tale. i went to the ladies room due to one to many water bottles (damn hydration and the gym).  as i entered the bathroom, i see one of the ladies who works on my floor. she and i have exchanged hellos and she has told me she likes my clothes. she has always been friendly. 

she and i say hello and i tell her to have a good day. this was my closing. i go into the stall and realize that she did not pick up on my closing. in fact, she is outside the stall still talking. who is she talking to? good grief. is it me? i wanted to tell her. no, this is not right. we are still at the hellos. i mean she is not one of my girlfriends. is it too much to pee in private and not have to keep a conversation flowing (pardon the pun). she leaves but i am left thinking, she is creepy. or should i say, "creep-pee."

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