Tuesday, December 21, 2010

holiday run ins

holidays bring back people. you go to parties. you go to dinners. all these events for me mean i will eventually run into people from my high school. i hated my high school. if mean were a student, he would have been at my school.

i purposefully did not go to a college where most of these mean people would go, ie. duke, villanova, pennstate, etc. yet, even in philly, i run into these people.

holidays means people are home visiting and encounters are inevitable.

fact: if i did not like you in high school, i probably won't like you now.

fact: if you bullied me in high school, i definitely don't like you and won't like you.

fact: if you told people we dated in high school, you are a liar since i wasn't allowed to date anyone until college. so stop telling people we dated. you know who you all are.

fact: just because you knew one of my good friends from high school does not make us good friends.

fact: i do not want to talk about what the old gang is up to because i didn't have a gang in high school. i hung out with 5 people and no, you were not part of that 5.

it is odd to me that people wanna talk about their glory days. their glory days involved being mean to people, bullying people. these are your glory days? what a sad life you have. why would i want to reconnect with these people?! these are the people i escaped from. granted, being in this school motivated me to study harder so i could escape earlier.

i know, i know. sometimes people change. but, i don't think that is always so. just because you recognize me and wanna give me a summary of everything that has happened in your life since graduation does not mean you have changed. it may mean you are stuck in high school mode.

i don't mean to sound harsh, dear readers. but, i cannot stand there with a smile and pretend that these people matter to me. they didn't then and they don't know. philly is a village and i understand it is inevitable that i run into former alums. fortunately, my real life is awesome and i don't need to talk about homecoming games and proms. real life is better than high school cliques, dances, and crushes. it just is. and that is my last fact.



comedyrocks.com said...

I love reading your blog - thank you for the frequent updates!
Wishing you the best of heath and happiness in 2011.

Clare Therese said...

I was so glad to leave high school. I know exactly how you feel.

Please take a look at my blog on Grace Kelly & Audrey Hepburn:

Roland Hulme said...

If their glory days were in High School, that's a sad, pitiful little life they've got to look forward to!

It's funny how the 'coolest kids' normally turn into some of the most pathetic adults.

Bethany Anne said...

I feel for you! High school days weren't the best for me either. And I didn't leave for college so I know what you mean about the holidays. I really like your blog though. I just started one for my writing so if you would wanna check it out it's bethanyannepoetry.blogspot.com

Fernweher said...

love your blog, and will be following it from now on! I came here while searching for a picture of GoGo from Battle Royale :)