Wednesday, November 4, 2009

i wanna ride my bike, but then i remember this...

my bike failed me

trolley tracks are killers. i borrowed my sister's red bike and rode it to rittenhouse park this afternoon to stop at the vegan cafe to see my friend matthew. after chit chatting i jumped on my bike to head home and stop and buy comics and then just chill. simple enough no? so i am riding and i have my armani shades on, my red vans, and one of my earplugs in for my ipod, because listening with both earplugs would be totally stupid if i am riding with traffic! my bike's tired hit the trolley track and the brakes would not pump right and my bike slipped and i fell off and slid with it.....down a long ass street. now, i am all panicky, shocked and there is a lot of blood on me. my own blood. my bike is all bent and there is a truck driver behind me who screeched on his brakes not to hit me and hit my back of the bike. he starts yelling at me, "get your f**** bike off the street! move it" i am all disorientaled and i start to apologize to him and trying to move my bike. my bike which suddenly weighs a ton to me. atlas carrying the world. some random guy walking by tells me, "whoa! you should wear a helmet!" to which i glare at him and said, "mind your business!" i called my friend nick, my girl chetana and i was all dazed due to the accident. their cure? drinks at copa 2 and nachos. well, the nachos were my idea! my entire left side of my body is bruised, scraped, swollen and bloody. my shirt got torn and my right side of my tummy is scraped and bruised and bloody and my knees are shot. my reality moment, going to the bathroom after the accident, standing in my tee shirt and panties pouring a bottle of hydrogen peroxide over my left side of my body and stomach to clean out my wounds. send sympathy to me. xo ps, my girls here in philly, chetana,amanda, and props to mark and shane...thanks for listening to me cry. xo


mrcsh said...

That's awful! =O I'm sorry to hear that.

It was over a month ago, so I think you're probably okay by now. At least I hope so.

Don't let that stop you from riding again, bikes are the best!! =D

Jerry said...

I know I'm totally late on this reply, but I hope you got back on the bike and didn't let the crash win! Crashes happen, and they suck.....but you gotta keep on keepin' on. Hope you made a full recovery!