Monday, October 13, 2008

FYI pearly update

ok ok ok. so i fell of the blogasphere, but i am back. ask anyone here in philthy, i am clumsy. so no big. here is a list of what i am reading, listening to, and what movies i will be at:

i picked up echo by terry moore. i picked up the trade. anyhow, if you are a fan of strangers in paradise, then you will enjoy echo. it is about julie martin, a photographer out in the desert at the wrong place at the wrong time. moore captures the science of the atom power and human nature in a flowing, riveting storyline. i'm a fan and i think picking up the trade is worth it.

i watched clive barker's midnight meat train. barker is the OG of horror. come on, pinhead. pinhead. lead cenobite. anyhow, i digress. the title, midnight meat train is great. campy, but to the point. the movie itself. eh. granted, i spent most of it not wanting to eat any of my sausage pizza and hiding behind a pillow. also, note to self, watching a lovescene with my pa is the most uncomfortable thing in the world! this is a horror movie, why do we need a love scene?! anyhow, the movie is shot in ny. the premise is amusing. SPOILER ALERT do not read on if you plan on watching on this flick. go! go get a soda pop. go eat some chips. water that fern you have been neglecting. ok, are they gone? there is a monster in ny that needs to eat meat. so the last people on this midnight train have the pleasure of being the monster's meal. simple no? makes one not want to take or trust public transportation. i am looking forward to max payne. the game was awesum. but question, was i the only retard who didn't get as far into the game before all the gothy dark magic stuff happened? max payne has the potential to be a fun ride or flop. wahlberg is not someone i would cast as max payne, but perhaps i will be pleasantly surprised. i am awaiting for this movie to open up. quarantine. i am all about a zombie-esque flick. i did not make it out to see this one yet. for some reason, i think the movie would have been more of a success if they made the film interactive. for instance, if we all had guns we could reload to the side and watch the movie and shot the zombies, think house of the dead. just a thought.

right now, i am sipping hot apple cider and listening to the carter family music. i adore mountain music and pure country music. i don't even mind the religious themes because the story and the feeling behind the music surpasses it all for me. my perfect day? right now drinking my cider with the carter family playing on the turntable and a pile of unopened comic books.

i love the smell of new books.


SamProof said...

whoa the Carter Family, talk about old school

broken wizard said...

pearly! yeh! more posts please :)