Friday, February 13, 2009

no white babies

everywhere i look, i see yuppie white couples with cute little asian babies. i am all for people adopting and giving a baby a loving home, this is not what my blog is about. instead, i realized, i have never seen an asian couple with a cute little white baby. am i the only who finds this odd? should i?

a friend of a friend once told me that world domination could be achieved by holding a cute asian baby. there may be some truth to that. who can say no to a little baby with black hair and little almond eyes? certainly not i!

i wonder if there exist an asian couple with an adopted baby?

babies are wicked cute no matter what race. just wanted to jot down my observation. not trying to be too deep, just a rodin thinker moment. that's it.



SamProof said...

So you blog every two months now. I see how it is.

I dare you to blog once a week Pearly Pearl

Anonymous said...

there are no asian couples with a white baby cuz what asian couple would want to adopt a white baby? there are so many asian babies with white parents because in China there are so many baby girl orphans (1 child policy + chinese culture favoring boys) and so a lot of white couples who want to adopt go there. there's an answer for ya.